I’m unhappy with my current agent, how do I switch to a new property manager?

This is quite a simple process! You will need to sign a management agreement with your new preferred managing agent and in most cases we will be able to terminate your current agreement with your current agent. You will need to provide their contact details to us, and from there we will take over all correspondence from providing the current agent with the required termination notice to making contact with the tenant and introducing our agency prior to the date of transfer of management.

Do I have to wait until the tenancy has ended to change to a new property manager?

Absolutely not. You can change the management of your property at any time, whether this is at the beginning of a tenancy, part-way through or while the property is vacant. A fixed term tenancy agreement does not lock you into a management agreement with the agency who put that tenant in place. It’s a simple process, and our agents will take care of all communication to tenants if you are changing over part-way through a tenancy.

How much input do I have on the tenant that gets to lease my property?

We have a very strict criteria that prospective tenants must meet for us to process their application to lease your property. We will always make you aware of any application we have received on your property and will let you know if we think they would be suitable tenants for you; however, at the end of the day the decision rests with you! If you are not comfortable with an application we are discussing with you we will keep searching for the ideal tenant for you.

How often are inspections at the property, and can I come to those?

Our first inspection is carried out within the second month of the tenancy, and every three months throughout the remainder of the tenancy. We will insure you are informed of all inspection that are taking place at your property and you are welcome to attend any of those; our team are happy to be flexible around inspection times, to work in with your availability.

Do I have to arrange maintenance?

Only if you want to! Our agency policy is that all maintenance requests are put in writing to us by tenants, and we put these in writing to you. You can then decide if you are happy for us to arrange a maintenance person to attend, or you may instruct us of your preferred tradesperson who you would like to attend the job. Alternatively, if you are qualified and wish to attend to maintenance yourself, our team are more than happy to facilitate this.

What do you class as urgent and non-urgent maintenance?

The exception to the above is for emergency maintenance, in which case we will be phoning you to discuss the matter. Urgent/emergency maintenance is determined by the damage it will cause to the property if it is not repaired in a timely manner, or if a repair is required on a necessary item (power, hot water etc). For example, if a hot water system fails and is flooding a property, we will call a plumber to attend and then call you to advise of the issue.

When will you send me my rental income?

Rental disbursements are carried out on the first working day of each month, to ensure we meet legislative requirements and process all transactions from the previous month before sending funds out to owners. You will receive your monthly statement advice on that day and funds will reach your nominated bank account in the following two working days.

Why do I need a property manager?

Having an investment property is heavily legislated, there are so many legal requirements around having a tenant in your property that it is a full time job just keeping up to date on the changes that are regularly made. Much like getting your tax returns lodged by an accountant, and going to the doctor for a check-up, we strongly recommend getting the best possible property manager to look after one of your biggest assets.

Do you keep me up to date on the tenant paying rent, statements and other information?

We use a software program called Property Me which allows you access to all your property and the tenancy information. Your statements are saved here each month, you can access paid invoices and tenancy agreement information as well as keeping track of the tenants rental payments if you are concerned or curious about when they are paying. And of course, you are always welcome to phone or email our team with any questions or to request copies of any of the information listed above.

Can I sell my investment property with a tenant in place?

Yes! Our team of sales agents are well practiced on selling properties that have tenants in place, whether they are on a fixed term or periodic tenancy agreement. Our sales team will be more than happy to speak to you about the process involved in listing your investment property for sale, but again this is quite a simple process and just a few signatures on a form.

Do you renew leases without talking to me first?

We will always gain your approval before renewing an existing tenancy and when we are discussing a lease renewal with you we will also review the rent to ensure the tenant is paying market value for the property. If you intend on keeping the property as a long term investment we will do our best to secure a 12 month renewal for you each time to minimise cost and the potential of a vacancy period.

Who is responsible for garden and pool maintenance at the house?

Tenants are responsible for maintaining the property during their tenancy, this includes gardening and lawn maintenance. In regards to pools, we recommend a contractor is engaged for regular visits to the property with the owner paying for each service and the tenant paying for chemicals used to balance and maintain the pool levels. This will ensure the pool is maintained at the highest standard, to help your pool equipment reach its maximum potential and life-span.

How can I guarantee that my property will be well looked after?

Every tenant’s application is screened very carefully and clear expectations are set right from the start. Our experienced team will conduct a thorough ingoing, outgoing and regular routine inspection reports. All are conducted with photographs to minimise any problems that may arise during the tenancy. All repairs and maintenance are communicated to you and addressed in a timely manner.

How can I prepare my property for tenancy?

It is important to present your home in the best possible light. To help market your property we will organise professional photography to be taken and a prominent “for lease” board installed. Once leased we will provide you with a checklist to assist in a problem free handover to the tenants.

What if I want to sell my property?

Many properties are easier to sell empty, without tenants, however you are entitled to sell your property with a tenant in place. Our strong relationships between our sales team and our tenants enable us to seamlessly market and gain access in accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act. If you have a current lease in place, the tenant has the right to remain in occupancy until the end of the lease term unless both parties negotiate and agree to terminate the agreement.